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COVID-19 | How The Mall Company has taken new sanitary measures with mall’s tenants

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The Mall Company Team takes COVID-19 emergency preparedness very seriously. To increase the safety of our project’s visitors, we met and communicated with tenants and staff to plan and implement new hygienic and safety measures. Many visitors are daily visiting, shopping and dining at our projects and business continuity is something we are actively engaged in. We are working hard to ensure that safety and hygiene of visitors were placed at top of our priority.

Our retail tenants have taken new sanitary and safety measures:

  • Regular cleaning with disinfection has been set up every day. We work to help eliminate unhealthy substances and viruses.
  • Self Service Hand sanitizer bottles are available to wash your hands at different location within our projects.
  • Drive-In and Delivery Options are now available for most restaurants, coffee/tea shops of our projects.


The Mall Company would like to share with you several preventive actions for your own safety :

  1. Avoid close contact with individuals and stay home
  2. Avoid touching yours eyes, nose and mouth if you haven’t washed your hands first
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Wash your hands every 20 minutes with soap and water
  5. Regularly use hand sanitizer to disinfect yours hands.
  6. Wear a mask
  7. Frequently disinfect and clean touched objects and surfaces
  8. If you cough or sneeze, make sure to cover your mouth and nose


You visit our projects and be ensured your shopping time with your family and friends is highly protected.

Please take care and stay healthy ! Thank you for your support.


Fore more information, contact us by email at or by phone +855 89 999 681 / +855 93 999 621

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